Deck Staining and Sealing

Interior and Exterior Wood Staining and Sealing

Pete's painting offers many home improvement services to homeowners in Topeka, Kansas. One of those services is wood staining and Sealing. The benefits of wood staining, or applying a wood stain to wooden surfaces are both functional and aesthetic. Applying a wood stain to untreated or sanded wood surfaces is highly recommended to protect lumber from the damaging effects of the weather. Wood staining is used for decks, siding (cedar, wood shingles, logs), window frames and trims, gazebo, arbors, pergola, railing, play sets and other wooden surfaces that need to be protected and/or color-stained. Wood staining brings out the richness of the substrait’s grain and texture for a natural, beautiful finish.

Wood is not a cheap building material. It’s an investment. Any structure built with wood (deck, pergola, siding, log homes) should be protected adequately against the harmful effects of the climate with a premium quality wood stain. Left unprotected, the lifespan of an exterior wood structure will be shorten considerably. Summers get pretty warm in Topeka. Wood surfaces are exposed to UV rays and dry out under the warm sun. There is also exposure to rain, wind, and in the winter, snow and ice. Differentials in temperature make wood materials contract and expand. If wood structures are left unprotected, they will decay, rot and turn into a weathered grey. That is why it is extremely important to stain and seal all of your homes wood.
Professional Staining and Sealing You Can Count On in Topeka Kansas!