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Interior Painting Topeka Kansas

Interior Painting

With years of experience as an interior painting company, you can count on Pete's Painting to do excellent work on your home in Topeka. We know that you will be pleased with the results of our work when you hire us as your local interior painting company. When you choose Pete's Painting as your painting contractor, not only will you get top notch professional painters to take care of all your painting needs, you will also get a 2-year warranty that will protect your home.

Pete's Painting is an experienced interior painting contractor. Once you have made the decision to hire our services to handle your home interior painting project, we will acquire all the materials necessary to protect your home and start painting. Furniture, floors, rugs and other personal property located in the area to be painted will be covered with either drop cloths or poly plastic sheets. The protective materials used with be kept at your home from the beginning until the end of the interior painting project.

Before any primer or color paint is applied to your walls, ceilings, baseboards and moldings, Pete's painting will check for holes and irregularities on the areas to be painted. Peeling areas will be scrapped and sanded accordingly to yield a smooth and even surface. Wood cracks and joints will be sealed with a paint-grade caulking material. All wall and ceiling holes will be patched and sanded to yield an even surface .
Exterior Painting Topeka Kansas

Exterior Painting

Whether your home is located in Topeka or a surrounding area, Pete's Painting is the exterior painting contractor of choice. Our professional painters are ready to assist you with your exterior painting project and make it a complete success. A fresh coat of paint on your siding, trims and windows will go a long way to transform the look of your home, increase its curb appeal and add value.

Having your home painted by a reputable exterior painting contractor will not only rejuvenate your home, it will protect it against the exterior elements for many years. Siding, trims, windows and fascia boards are continuously exposed to the weather (rain, sun, snow, heat , cold, wind), pollutants and living organisms like mold and mildew. Failing to properly maintained your home exterior could lead to costly damages like wood rots and water infiltration. If your home needs painting, contact an exterior painting contractor like Pete's Painting today. We provide free in-home estimates and evaluations.

The professional painters at Pete' Painting are ready to give your home an overall and protect it against the weather. Our painters have years of experience painting home exteriors in Topeka, Kansas. When you are ready to have your home painted, we invite you to contact us to schedule a free in-home estimate. We do not give estimates over the phone. The only way for Pete's painting to know how much to quote for an exterior painting project is to evaluate the project in person. All our in-home estimates are free and there is no obligation.
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